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Equine therapy a growing trend in treating mental health issues

(aired on Global 16X9 on January 24, 2014)

Lauri Walker, who has survived a string of abusive relationships, explains why she decided to use Equine Therapy to deal with her issues and the special connection she has with the horse Whiskey.

Watch the promo video here.

What’s Your Story Programs

In our What’s Your Story programs, participants learn essential skills that improve their lives through engaging in activities with the horses. Our trained Equine and practical life skills providers begin with a client screening/consultation, where we determine what type of program will best suit your needs, and then work with you to accomplish these desires outcomes.

EAP / Equine Assisted Programs

Through the EAP, we work with professional counsellors of various backgrounds who provide our services to other agencies to incorporate our programs into their treatment plans.

Partners in Process

Melody Acres is home to Partners in Process. For more information, please click here.



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