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We use experiential learning modalities to challenge and develop positive emotional, mental, behavioural, physical and social skills of those who may be at risk or have special needs. In a setting that is relaxed and informal. Equine-assisted programs are short-term in nature. It is a form of therapy that makes a lasting impression. helps promotes change from dysfunctional patterns to healthy behaviours. It creates a ‘natural high’. It is real time, clients have the ability to process the experience while in the presence of the here and now with professional staff.

Melanie Gray

Owner Melanie Gray comes from a business background in buying, marketing and sales. She is a level 2 coach with the C.E.F. and holds several judges cards with the American Pinto Horses Assoc., Western Horse Assoc., Canadian Equestrian Federation, General Performance Official, American Miniature Assoc., National Judge for Canadian Appaloosa Club, National Show Steward, Ring Steward, Canadian Appaloosa Club, C.E.F.r Arabian Judge and is currently working on other disciplines. She is trained in crisis intervention and an alternative program provider for the Ministry of Attorney General quick victim response program.

We are mobile and have conducted several workshops in Newfoundland, New Bruinswick and are available to travel in helping you, Explore, Challenge and Learn new ways in taking “yourself back”.

In our “Whats Your Story” program we get to the root of your issuse and invite you to work towards changing your story when life get in the way, and our team will help un-tether and give you a clearer picture, and a new chapter in transitiong forward.

We also offer several options for out of the area clients who wish to come down . Within this set up you will be able to have several session in a 2 to 3 day workshop. Moving you along in a steady pace and allowing you the freedom in discovering, being present, and getting excited about the HERE and Now.

With the success of the Federal Program, we offer evidenced based programs that work.


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