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Our horses are special. Each one brings their own unique personality to our program. They are the heart and soul of the program and without them, we could not deliver this much needed resource to the community. With six program horses, the cost for the care of one horse can be overwhelming.

The support of the community is essential to keep our program going. Care for one horse costs $4,000 which includes: hay and grain, bedding, veterinary care, annual vaccinations, and (not including farrier hoofcare, grooming supplies, blankets).

Your gift is a necessary and vital part of keeping our program alive and well. The sponsorship of a horse supports the basic needs of the horse while allowing the session income to provide for equipment, facility maintenance, utilities, insurance and upgrades.

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5 year old quarter horse – “Developing Authentic Kin-ships Overrides Temporary Actions.

From first laying eyes on him I knew he was authentic and one that will help our clients learn to take their selves back, and when they have a temporary set back how to override their actions and develop a kinship that is real. He is a new chapter in our Whats Your Story Program and has already proven that no matter where your from when there is heart and soul no one can take that away.

Gun_0 Gun

Getting Understood Naturally.

What a journey and story this horse tells. From leaving and travelling to Newfoundland for few years, helping a young man find himself. Not having the greatest life, he returned home with his own stories he shows and tells threw his body language. Together our Team and Gun allow clients to work on their own issues in GETTING UNDERSTOOD NATURALLY!!!!.


16 year old reg. quarter horse – “Defeating Autism With Stable Options Naturally”

With his quiet attitude and kind personality he teaches patience and understanding  to the tasks at hand. Having several owners over  the years that keep coming back to meet and greet him and share their journey in life thanks to being a part of his.


9 year old miniature horse – “Realize Amazing Dreams Are Reachable”

Radar usually wins our employee of the month. Being the smallest on the farm, one would think he has a lot of disadvantages.  However he is able to overcome his small size with a lot of heart and determination.


10 year old miniature – “Someone Understands Me My Energy Rocks”

Her feminine ways and pretty looks help young girls with their self image and self esteem, carry themselves in a positive healthy nature.

keeps_tn Keeps

4 year old double reg paint / quarter horse – “Keeping Educated Enhances People Skills”

From the time he was born is was a challenge, losing his mom at 2 weeks and being an orphan. He shows independent, and helps those that have suffer a lose to move forward and carry on with his strong will and smart learning process.


12 year old reg paint – “Getting Life Ignited Develops Energizing Results”

Like his character he is independent and stands his ground.  He can be part of the herd or stand alone and be okay with himself. Learning from him gives you understanding, strength, and being unique that puts a smile on your face.


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