Like Sports Massage for Humans, Equine Massage can greatly contribute to the general health and performance capabilities of a horse.

While massage affects all of the horse’s body systems, the changes most obvious to owners are in the animal’s muscle tone, nervous response and general attitude.

Therapeutic massage can reduce and release muscle tension – tension that is preventing your horse from performing to the maximum of it’s abilities. Muscle tension that is allowed to remain can progress into muscle spasm. It is at this point that serious lameness problems can begin. Therapeutic massage can reduce or eliminate muscle spasm quickly and effectively, thus reducing the amount of “down time” for your horse.

Equine massage is best considered “preventative maintenance” for your horse, and I hope that by taking advantage of my service, you will be able to avoid more serious problems in the future.

Please note that I hope you will use my “Performassage” in addition to good veterinary care.


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