What is Equine Developed Interacting Tools?

Our EDIT programs may include other equine activities; and may differ from other models.

Equine Developed Interacting Tools may focus on the personal development, team building, corporate training and other aspects of the individual or group learning.

Participants will discuss with the Facilitating Team the appropriate program that may best meet their needs.

Services provided at Melody Acres/Partners In Process Equine Learning Centre may include many types of equine interacting programs.

What is Equine-Assisted Programs?

Equine Assisted Programs, is one of the most effective forms of experimental therapies. EAP uses interactive activities in place of traditional sessions where you “talk” and a therapist “listens”. You might be familiar with other types of experiential therapies including: adventure and wilderness therapy, and expressive therapies that use art and music. People just like you are just choosing these services because they are able to get better results in a shorter amount of time than traditional services.

Not only does EAP work, it is much more enjoyable than typical talk therapy. With EAP, sessions are designed to meet your unique needs. The activities in each session require you and the horse to accomplish a specific goal. Your reaction to the horse, and the horses reaction to you, not only helps “show” where sticky spots are, but better to communicate and interact with others to accomplish your personal goals. With EAP you will discover new, more effective solutions for the challenges in your life.

Do I need to have riding experience?

No. Equine Assisted Programs is not about riding or horsemanship, activities are on the ground. The only requirement is that you dress appropriately for working with the horse in the barn, pasture or arena. Shoes that cover our toes are essential.

What kinds of problems does this help with?

EAP can be useful in solving a wide variety of problems that affect people of all ages:

  • Behavioral issues
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Substance Abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Abuse Issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Communication Problems
  • Thought Disorders
  • Operational Stress Disorder

How will I benefit?

Through specifically designed sessions, you will learn valuable skills such as:

  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Relationship building
  • Confidence / Self-Esteem
  • Positive Attitude

Federal Program Stage 2

Mascots: Making a Strong Connection Overcomes Temporary Solutions.

Horses have the ablitiy to faclitate communication with youth that does not otherwise occur in a clinical setting. in this stage of the program our team along side of our horses are, instrumental in breaking down the communication barrier with youth, with this project we will also be working with the family members . We will engage the family unit as “part of the herd” to participate in hands-on activites together.

Mascot will deliver a series of eight weekly 1 1/2 hour sessions where particpants will engage and undertake activities.

Our facility is a non-traditinal, non-threatening environment. Working with the horses through challenges to successful completion empowers youth in their own self-developement by building confidence, developing the ability to adapt to changes and to approach difficult problems and situations in find solutions in a postive way.

We also have funding to help with travel costs . Upon completion a letter is sent to the courts to inform them on how the process went .

The tasks the youth will be given have no right or wrong, but offer a live mirrored picture of what takes place in what they are doing. Equine Assisted Learning helps to get to the root of the issue and allows youth to learn ways to function without the need of drugs, to know they are not being judged and have the chance to change for themselves and to get back to being the children they were meant to be.

Again thank-you so much to everyone at the Justice Department for allowing a first time opportunity, where doors will open to these youth to become kids again, with the help of our equine partners. So they can let go of the past and give the future a chance.


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