Why Horses

At partners in Process our horses are ready to listen!

Horses are very much like humans, they are social animals and have defined roles within their herd. They have clear leaders and social structures. They have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods, thus horses provide vast opportunities for metaphorical learning. They can help in recognizing and overcoming current patterns of how we react and respond. They challenge clients to discover new strategies. As with humans being natural predators, Horses are prey animals and are primarily concerned with safety, always observing for potential threats, making an excellent partnership for how humans actions speak louder than words. Horses are not motivated by praise and recognition, so we must work extra hard to earn their trust and confidence. It is like having a video done threw their eyes as they will mirror what we do. They live in the moment and hold no hidden agenda. They are exactly who you see.

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Horses help make experiential learning by doing. The process begins by interacting with the horses, then identifying and reflecting with the human staff on what is happening between the client and the horses. Through trial and error of completing a task with the horses, clients learn and practice new strategies to achieve their goals outside the arena. Many times, there is very little talking , as the horses provides critical feedback no human can offer. As prey animals, horses are acutely aware of all we say with our non-verbal communication, as they must decide in each moment whether we are friend or foe.

By learning with horses, we can achieve the greatest lessons: that by changing ourselves , we do have the ability to change the situations around us.


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